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Have you packed yet?

I wish I had a dollar for every time I have heard this in the last few weeks and the answer is no!  I am disorganised and freaking out.  What was I thinking agreeing to this adventure, who would have thought there could be this much work involved in moving to the other side of the world, certainly not me.

Excitement, hysteria, heartbreak, needles, inventory, insurance, uplift are just a few of my keywords at the moment that are constantly roaming through my head at any given moment of the day and night.  The excitement of our family going 0n the adventure of a lifetime.  The hysteria of panicking about not having everything ready and thought of.  The heartbreak of leaving Josh and Sam behind in Australia is my constant companion of tears and heartbreak every time I think about it. The needles that I have had to succumb the girls to whilst we bribe, cajole and hold them down with tears swimming through our eyes, telling them that this is for daddy’s work and he will get in trouble if they dont have them whilst tears swim through their eyes. The inventory which has been the bane of our existence and its still not finished yet as we keep buying things to go on it (well maybe that’s not so bad the shopping component).  Insurance to make sure if anything happens that we are covered is so stressful, if I have to think about dying, getting hurt or needing to medevac out or the girls excitement about getting bit by a monkey and having to administer first aid to themselves (who would have thought that was an adventure, but apparently it is) one more time I am going to scream. And last but not least uplift the dreaded D day of being homeless for 7 days, I just know its going to show me how much work I am going to need to do on the house to rent it out and hope my friendship with my best friend / neighbour lasts through those few stressful days of living with them before we leave .

There you have it my moan about being so lucky and blessed that my husband is so wonderful to be selected to go on this adventure of a lifetime.  Dont be put off about reading this blog as I have made it a must that this will be only a recount for my family and friends of what we see and do on this working holiday for 3 years.  The whingeing and moaning will be done by phone, email and Facebook private message, to those of you that I do it too now.  You know who you are so heed this as fair warning!

My next blog will be the day we leave / arrive, which in my mind will be one of the most bittersweet days of my life.  Let the adventure begin!!